Evidence of Global Warming

The sea is definitely rising here in Playa Samara, washing out the beach sand and palms behind the rocks.  The same thing is happening at Playa Carrillo,where we’ve lost a row of palms and very high tides are washing up on the road.  Tides are also penetrating some ofthe beach hotels and restaurants.

However, there is also techtonic plate movement here – we’re on a fault.  My neighbor remembers when, as a boy, he could walk to Isla Chora. Now, you have to swim.  According to one of our guests who is a vulcanologist, the plate we’re on is slowly dropping and will “correct” itself by rising rapidly, pushing the sea out again.  I’m not looking forward to that “correction” which we will certainly feel in other ways.

Climate change or techtonic process?  Double whammy!

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