Turtle’s Return

It’s turtle season at Samara Beach, when the females come ashore to  lay their eggs.  This rare Tortuga Rosada was seen this morning.  Even more rare, she was working her way up the beach in the daylight.

What rare sight have you seen in Costa Rica?

  1. I hope the raccoons and birds don’t come and eat her eggs. Are her eggs plastic too? I remember when we were in Costa Rica for Christmas and we saw a real turtle laying eggs. She was much bigger. Is this a new kind of species? I think I’ve played in the bathtub with one before.

    Querida Luna

    • lavaeha said:

      Yes, the Tortuga Rosada is a rare species. You were lucky to have one in your bathtub but ihope you let go free. – Sandy Shorts

  2. Janna said:

    Ah yes, the rare Tortuga Rosada, not to be confused with the often seen in winter plummage, the red-breasted (red-nosed, red-faced, red-backed, red-legged) snow bird that winters in Costa Rica and often summers along the Pacific Northwest.

    • lavaeha said:

      I think you’re referring the Rufous-Breasted, Big-Bottomed Northern Pink. They start returning to Costa Rica about this time. We’ve had a few sightings this week.

  3. Steve said:

    Go Rosie! You can make it!

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