11 things to do in the rain

When my maid arrived this morning she was aghast.  “This weather is so strange!”  Myself, I woke up in the middle of the night to sound of rain on the front patio.  I could actually hear it moving from the front of the house to the back overhang below my bedroom window.  Yesterday was the most gorgeous sunny day and hot.  Today the sky is dark and it looks like this storm has some legs and will be sticking around.  A day like this is just the reason we made up our list of Things to Do in the Rain.

  1. Have a massage – One of the local massage therapists can cure what ails you.  Some will come to the house with their massage table, oils, and relaxing expertise.  Todd provides a serious and therapeutic treatment – 2656-0385.  Maricela at Samara Massage has created a beautiful garden oasis with hummingbirds in the waiting area – 2656-0541 or 8380-6780.  Samara Massage School offers discount rubdowns as the students practice.
  2. Take a yoga class – Classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10:00 at Casa Coba in Samara – 2656-0652.
  3. Melt stuff – Take a glass fusing class with Lavae at Casa Gecko Glass and create a beautiful memory to take home.  $20.00/person for about 1 ½ hour class.  Allow 48 hours to fire the glass before you leave town.
  4. Watch a movie: Rent a dvd from Froggie’s Video in Cangrejal  or borrow one from our selection at Casa Mango & Casa Papaya to watch on your laptop.  At Froggie’s you can watch one on a big flat screen or play games.  They have beanbag chairs and popcorn – 8353-8864.
  5. Get your teeth cleaned – seriously.  Because dentistry is inexpensive in Costa Rica you can save money by having a cleaning, a filling, or even a crown.  Dra. Shirley Segura Sosa speaks English – 2656-0901, 8836-2318.
  6. Volunteer  – Join Lavae to teach English in Santo Domingo – every Tuesday at 10:00 to 1st through 6th grade students.
  7. Get an adjustment – Dr. Sheel Tangri, chiropractor and specialist in Neural Organization Technique can adjust your spine or rebalance your chakra, in English or Spanish – 8321-0135.Learn to cook – We can arrange for a Tica to come to Casa Mango or Casa Papaya and demonstrate a simple dish like Gallo Pinto, ceviche, or Pico de Palmito or something more time consuming like Tamales Tico Style (traditional at Christmas).
  8. Study Spanish – Take a week of classes at the Sámara Language School – Intercultura 2656-0127 or we can arrange a private instructor.
  9. Play pool – at Il Vino in Samara.  Share a batido or a beer.
  10. Get married – We did.  You’ll need to bring certain papers with you.  Call us and we can give you the list and help you find a local attorney.

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