Here comes summer

Christmas in Costa Rica coincides with the end of the school year

and the start of summer vacation, so there are a lot of reasons to celebrate.

Yesterday, we hosted a pool party for my English students from Escuela Santo Domingo

at Casa Mango’s & Casa Papaya’s “get cool” pool.

The day was overcast

– what’s that about? So unusual for this time of year.

But that’s what they mean when they talk about “global weirding” –

so the kids were a little shy at first but they got “into the swim of things” soon enough.

Hot-dogs, watermelon, and brownies.

Steve filled water balloons for a game of catch.  And for firing at the boys’ “parade”.

He also got pretty good at making balloon hats.

Al final, the kids were awarded for personal characteristics that Becky, my fellow teacher, and I had discovered in class.  Imported mardi-gras beads from my sister, Janna, proved “tradeable””.  Heizel won for “loudest”, Kevin as “best dancer” and Elmer received the popular vote for “most valiant and athletic”.

The cook’s son, shy Fabrizio, won the award for “being Fabrizio”.

 It was a great time and gave the teacher and the school’s cook a break for one of the last days of the 2011 school year.

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  1. How cool! It looks like it was fun for the kids, and I’m sure it was also a lot of fun to play host and hostess! Thanks for sharing a little glimpse into life in CR!

  2. Suzan Gordon said:

    Looks like they had a blast! Wonderful of you to have them!

  3. Peggy Acker said:

    What a wonderful way to spend the last day of school. Great pictures of happy children.

  4. Steve said:

    Great pictures. Thanks Lavae, for another year of helping the Santo Domingo kids learn English.

  5. louisedickson said:

    Lavae & Steve, I Love the pic’s! Everyone obviously had a great time! Such a lovely thing to do. You’re the best!

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