Lo Que Hay – What It Is

samara beachOne of our favorite places for an icy cold beer in the afternoon has new owners.  Lo Que Hay (What It Is) on the beach east of the police station has a street entrance as well.  Pass the time in the shade of a wide Almendro tree and watch the surfers and all the beach activity – you’d expect no less from a beach bar in the Tropics. Inside the courtyard, you can keep your feet clean at a bistro table under an umbrella.  Or step into the shelter of the rancho where there is a wide-screen TV.- popular with locals for sports events.

costa rica beaches

restaurants costa ricaBrett, Bonnie, and Justin have created a new menu with southwest flair – check out Taco Tuesdays for bargain plates with a beer.  Eight of us snacked on Jalapeño Poppers – they’re wrapped in thick bacon – and a couple of pizzas.  Both were delicious.  (How do they keep the poppers so crisp and yet mild?)  The pizza is a thicker crust than you find in a lot of Samara pizzerias but the topping was excellent.  The taco plate includes a choice of three from the 6 available flavors.  For lunch, I enjoyed the beef fajitas, blackened fish, and mojo pork, which I loved – all great taco choices.  There’s a nice selection of better wines and beers.  But the best news is that the service is still excellent, driven by veteran waiter Alberto’s charm and experience.

samara beach
Lo Que Hay is dog-friendly (if leashed).
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  1. You are so sweet. Thank you so very much for the glowing review. Things have been going well, we are still working our asses off but I can’t complain. I hope to return to Dominoes and Bridge soon. March is a tough month for us personnel wise.

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