Hospital Clinica Biblica

clinica biblicaThere are at least 3 private hospitals in San Jose and I recently had the opportunity to spend some time at one of them.  When my uncle had surgery at Clinica Biblica, I hung out with him for a week. We were both impressed with the facilities, staff, and service.  In all we were very pleased with the care he received.

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Hospital Clinica Biblica is modern and clean, with none of the peeling paint and sagging ceiling tiles we’ve grown used to on the Peninsula.  Hand sinks lined the halls of each ward, encouraging everyone to fight infection  – the 21st century scourge of hospitals everywhere.  There is wif-fi throughout, which helped me keep busy during my vigil. My uncle’s room was furnished with a recliner, which he preferred to his bed as soon as he could get out of it.  A futon was made up for me tosleep the first night.  It really was comforting for both us, to have that option.

clinica biblica costa ricaThe thing that struck me about this Costa Rican hospital was the number of staff – the sheer quantity of care-providers around.  For me, it reflects the whole Tico culture and philosophy, which is civil, in the best sense of the word, and personable.  Everyone, from the cashier in the café to the taxi stand attendant to the nursing staff was friendly, helpful, and service-oriented.  The aides helped my uncle with a shower each day.  (Myself, I’ve only experienced a brief stay in a US hospital, but I wasn’t offered a shower.)  The concierge at the exit door flagged me a taxi each evening, checking-out the driver before opening the door for me.  There was always a nurse around to answer our questions, even when the wing filled up with other patients.

hospitales en costa ricaOne of the original buildings of Clinica Biblica has been attentively restored.  With the interior painted lemon and white, it now houses a trendy café with Panini and wraps.

medical tourismA new parking structure will be finished this year and will connect with a bridge to the hospital.  A roof-top heliport  will eliminate the 40 minute ambulance  ride from the airport in Pavas.  Another bridge, that I never found, connects to the Omega Medical Office Tower.

Now, my uncle has returned to the Samara Beach to recuperate beside his pool.  It couldn’t have been a better experience if we’d been “up north”.

  1. lavaeha said:

    Good work, Louise. Better to be prepared than surprised.

  2. louisedickson said:

    Thanks Lavae, really good to know. The silver lining to Uncle Buds medical dilemma has certainly been helpful in gathering info. & preparing everyone for a future scenario of our own! Got me to go down to INS & get signed up!
    Covers 80% of medical & dental, including ambulance & helicopter (if necessary) is my understanding, for $118 a month.
    price varies,depending on age & if you pay yearly or every 6 or 3 months, at a time. Thanks for the motivation. Hope
    Bud is on the mend. We should all be so lucky to have a Steve & Lavae to watch our backs!

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