Drying rice on the road

My brother has pointed out that the reason Costa Rican roads are so crowded is that they have so many uses.  He says it’s the only flat ground in the country.  Ticos use pavement for all kinds of things.  As front porches – families line the edges in lawn chairs, enjoying cool evenings.  As conference rooms – business meetings occur spontaneously when caballeros chat in the middle of the road.  For sex – the dogs in el Torrito have no shame or need for privacy.

Ticos also use the paved roads for agricultural processing.  My neighbor from Santo Domingo, brought all of his rice crop down to the parking area at Carrillo Beach – no one ever parks there.  Everybody prefers to park in the shade of the Malenche trees that line the road along the beach.

Another farmer dried his rice on the yellow hatching where the airport runway crosses the beach road.

  1. Judy Pickett said:

    Where are they growing this rice? I must have missed it.

    • lavaeha said:

      Met, too. there’s none commercially grown near the beach but individual families have small crops. This guy grows itnext to the Carrillo airstrip. He has to dodge the Spoonbills to harvest.

  2. Reminds me of my years in South Korea. They would dry their chili peppers like this! Usually the sidewalks were covered along roadways.

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