Waiting for the big one

seismic activity costa ricaYesterday, I found a great website, thanks to “YO-YO” in Paradise .  Universidad de Costa Rica, Laboratorio de Ingeniería Sísmica shows a map of recent seismic activity in Costa Rica.  We had a temblor today.  We had one yesterday.  And we had three each on the two days prior.  All were less than 5.0 magnitude.  I like little temblors, easing the plate tension that might instead cause a big earthquake.

Not that I’m scared.  I come from Seattle, where I lived in the shadow of Mt. Rainier volcano, sitting on the Hood Canal fault, the Seattle fault, the Southern Whidbey Island fault , the Saddle Mountain faults, and the Tacoma fault.  I mean, where you gonna go?

But it’s interesting, huh?

  1. Darby said:

    Hi, saw your blog about the earthquake. Maybe if you do have one you will become waterfront. That’s what I keep going on here. High enough to not be immediately taken down, but of course would “shake things” up a bit.

    • lavaeha said:

      Yeah! Waterfront would be great. But geologic history shows that the plates are moving in the opposite direction -an “event” would push the ocean further out. But then ocean rise due to ice cap melt would balance it out. Best we can hope for is probably the status quo.

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