Queso, Queso

farming in costa ricaCheese lovers are usually disappointed when visiting Costa Rica. You won’t find Wensleydale here, not even a sharp cheddar.  Cheese is not valued by the Tico culture and what does get produced is often flavorless and rubbery .Those of us who live here crave the stuff our families sneak through customs in their luggage.

So, we were excited recently to find a small producer of “Productos de Cabra” (Goat products).  Just off the Pan American highway north of Canas, Caprisol keeps near about 40 goats and turns the milk into cheeses and yogurt.  The farmer gave us a nice little tour of his operation, where the goat pens are on wooden platforms to keep the animals and the milk clean.  goat milk producer in costa ricaFrom his spotless milk room cooler, we selected a fresh soft cheese, a herbed semi-hard, and something aged to a rich orange.  All delicious.

In Samara, Caprisol products are sold at Samara Organics Market and Café.

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