Art Walk in samara

Several art galleries and artists in Samara can be visited in an easy afternoon. La Voz de Nosara gives a rundown of the walking tour but for more precise information, visit Samara Info Center on the main street.  Casa Gecko Glass, the fused glass artwork of Lavae (aka Sandy Shorts), can be seen (and purchased) at the Dragonfly Art Gallery.  the Dragonfly has a full array of art and jewelry, all hand- crafted in Costa Rica.  Jaime Koss Gallery shows the vibrant and sexy paintings of Jaime Koss.  Galeria Origen exhibits the multi-dimensional art of Maria Fernanda Galvez,  who has introduced many a foreign resident to the art of the Spanish language through her day job at Intercultura Language School.

  1. Becky said:

    I think Maria’s gallery has been closed for quite awhile.?

    • lavaeha said:

      Now she has a gallery and studio at her house. Lovely space.

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