Green Season crowds – no parking

rainy season costa ricaEven in the green season, Costa Rican Saturday’s are often crowded at the beach.

best time to travel to costa rica

During our morning walk at Playa Carrillo, we had to dodge a huge surf school (of three students).

seasons in costa ricaThere was a family strolling in the surf.

where to go in costa rica

We narrowly avoided a fellow walking his two dogs.

Playa Carrillo Beach, Costa RicaAnd insult of insults, someone took our parking place.

weather in costa ricaSeriously, do you know why the tourism board of Costa Rica prefers to call this time of year the “Green Season” instead of the ”rainy season”?

best time to visit costa ricaBecause it’s true.  And no crowds is a bonus.

  1. louisedickson said:

    Another great post! Love the pics & sentiment! We’ve got it SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!!

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