What’s a Soda?

where to eat in samara costa ricaIn Costa Rica, a “soda” is a small street-side café, usually with an open counter and stools.  They serve a small range of fresh food for a very fair price.  Casados are popular – see my post ”6 things to eat in Costa Rica?” –  but usually there are gallos and empanadas, too. A “refresco del dia”  is made with fruit or rice and water, while a “batido” is a fruit smoothy.  Eating at a soda is quick and inexpensive, so you might have to fight the lunch crowd for a stool.  Off-hours it’s a great place for a cool refreshment while catching up on the cook’s favorite soap opera.

Our favorite Samara soda is La Perla is Cangrejal, just a block off the northwest end ofthe beach. try her fried chicken.restaurants costa rica

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