What’s happening in Samara

Isamara infocentert is totally HAPPENING in Samara.  The Samara Infocenter keeps Samarenos and visitors appraised of what’s going on around town and on the beach  Check out their calendar of events

For instance, there are five yoga classes scheduled for Wednesday.  There’s a spay/neuter clinic in Torito on Tuesday.  You can choose between an AA meeting on Monday or Happy Hour at Gusto Beach on Thursday.  And Friday brings us the Organic Farmers’ Market at the Natural Center.  Rest up for Saturday’s big Anniversary Party at Tabanuco on the beach.  There’s romance scheduled for Sunday at Diria Restaurant.  But can real romance be scheduled?  Come to Samara to find out. . . . .sunset photo playa smara beach costa rica

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  1. Sorry formy error but the spay/neuter clinic is today, Monday.

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