10 Things to do in the rain

Restaurant Lo Que Hay Playa Samara Costa Rica

Okay, so the green season has gotten a little wetter in the evenings.  Not to worry.  Get your beach time in early – the mornings are usually clear – and avoid the hottest part of the day.  Then relax in the afternoon, with one of these ideas.

  1. Have a massage – One of the local massage therapists will come to Casa Mango and Casa Papaya with their massage table, oils, and expertise.  Todd provides a serious and therapeutic treatment – 2656-0385.  Maricela provides a womb-like relaxing atmosphere at Samara Massage in town – 2656-0038.
  2. Watch the surfers – From the shelter of one of the beach-front restaurants, you can enjoy the show and a tasty bebida.  Tabanuco, El Sherif, Gusto Beach, Lo Que Hay, El Ancla, La Vela Latina, and La Locanda have covered terraces or umbrellas facing the ocean.
  3. Do yoga – Classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10:00 at Casa Coba in Samara.  Check for schedules at Restaurant el Ancla, the Natural Center Gym and Spa, and Intercultura Language School. And at sunset on Carrillo Beach.
  4. Have your teeth cleaned – seriously.  Because dentistry is inexpensive in Costa Rica you can save money by having a cleaning, a filling, or even a crown.  Pay for vacation with the savings.  Dra. Shirley Segura Sosa speaks English – 2656-0901, 8836-2318.
  5. Get an adjustment – Dr. Sheel Tangri, chiropractor and specialist in Neural Organization Technique can adjust your spine or rebalance your chakra, in English or Spanish – 8321-0135.
  6. Melt stuff, in a glass fusing class with Lavae Aldrich at Gecko Glass, and create a beautiful memory to take home.  $20.00/person for about 1 ½ hour class.  Allow 48 hours to fire the glass twice in the kiln before you leave Samara.
  7. Play Games – Get to know your family better with TableTopics.  Or tune up your chess game. There are lots of games at Casa Mango and Casa Papaya and we have a few more in Casa Gecko.
  8. Watch a movie: Borrow a dvd from our selection to watch on your laptop.

    froggie's Video Lounge Playa Samara Beach Costa Rica

    Froggie’s Video Lounge

  9. Volunteer  – There are many opportunites in and around Samara.  Teach English, clean the beach, build a playground.
  10. Tour art galleries – Dragonfly Art, in central Samara and open afternoons/evenings, represents a number of local artists and shows a variety of Costa Rican made art, including Lavae’s fused glass from Gecko GlassJaime Koss Gallery on the beach shows the owner’s prolific and exuberant paintings.  Origen is open by appointment only, showing the paintings and masks of Maria Fernanda Galvez.  Cocotales shows exquisite hand-made paper lanterns and jewelry.  Samara Organics has an increasing variety of locally made art including paintings, jewelry, and glass.

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