Here’s Jonny!

fresh fish in playa samara costa rica

Jonny Pescado is back, selling fish next to the catholic church here in Playa Samara.  He sells from icey coolers on the back of his truck, Tuesday through Saturday.

Red snapper

Red snapper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Johnny sells fresh fish from local waters.  Most days he has Pargo (Red Snapper), whole and filet.

He often has shrimp, both ocean caught and farm-raised 😦 .  But Johnny specializes in Yellow Fin Tuna.  Fresh caught Ahi is one of the best things about living in or visiting Costa Rica.

Most fish and shrimp ranges 4,000-7,000 colones per kilo.  Since the kilo is over two pounds and 1,000 colones is a little less than $2.00 right now, I just think of 5,000 colones/ per kilo as $5.00/pound.

I just bought some morning-caught Dorado filet for fish tacos.

fresh fish playa samara beach costa rica

I really admire food photographers who can make real food look as good as it tastes. What an art!

  1. louise dickson said:

    I recognized it again! Busted. Re-run! But a good one!

  2. Pescado means “fish”, correct? So his name is a nickname?

    • lavaeha said:

      That’s right, Angie. You win the the gold estrella.

  3. louisedickson said:

    I recognize that fish taco! I was lucky enough to have lunch with Steve & Lavae the day this pic was taken so I know 1st hand how incredibly delicious they were! I put so much in mine that I actually turned them into burritos!!!Jonny’s sister Olga lives near me in San Fernando & visits her often so I am fortunate to be able to walk to his truck to buy fresh fish from him without ever having to get in the car! He also has lobster occassionally , one of my personal favs! Thanks Jonny & thanks Lavae for a fabulous lunch!!!!

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