Now More Beach

palaya carrillo beach costa rica

Playa Carrillo and Playa Samara now offer 50% more beach for your morning stroll.  When our recent earthquakes lifted the Caribbean plate above the Cocos plate something like 50cm (20 inches) the high tide line moved out.  No longer does a storm or extreme high tide send waves splashing across the road at Carrillo.  Gone are the sandbags in front of the beach-side restaurants and bars in Samara.  Now the sea barely reaches the palm trees lined up in shady rows.  We don’t have to check the tide table before our morning stroll.  It’s always perfect.

  1. This is simply CRAZY to me – but in a really cool way.

    • lavaeha said:

      It lifts up suddenly and then sinks slowly over 50 years and then bumps up again. And again. And again.

  2. louisedickson said:

    Something good came out of the Terramoto! There is ALWAYS a silver lining if we learn to look close enough!

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