Leroy finds a home

alfaro's pygmy squirrelWhen Leroy fell out of a tree, he couldn’t find his way back to his mom.  So Sam took over, feeding him with an eye dropper.

widlife costa ricaNow he prefers tomatoes and over ripe bananas.

wildlife costa rica

Sam and Leroy share digs at El Sueno Tropical, which is owned by Sam’s grandparents.  Sometimes Leroy visits the weekly dominoes game held there.

  1. That thing looks like loads of fun to play with, so cute!

  2. louisedickson said:

    I met Leroy at the Thanksgiving buffet at Sueno Tropical recently, my 3rd Thanksgiving & coming up on 3rd Christmas dinner there! A big Muchas Gracias to Leroys grandparents for giving those of us whose families are far away on these holidays a place to call home!

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