To your health

samara health fair

“To your health” is the motto of FCZA (Fundacion Comunitaria Zona Azul) which has just completed the second annual and highly successful Samara Health Fair at the Samara Natural Center.  The fair brought together a multitude of volunteers and donations to offer free medical care to the community.

18- Dermatologo consultando

Doctors and nurses gave their time and skills, local people cooked and served breakfast and lunch. Fund raising dinners in advance provided start-up cash.

Casa Papaya was just one of many local hotels and vacation rentals that provided accommodation to visiting medical personnel who provide services free of charge.

community health services
The results of the two-day event are felt throughout the community in terms of screening and treatment.

  • Dental services 168
  • Pap smear testing 29
  • Dermatology services 50
  • Chiropractic services 25
  • Physiotherapy services 51
  • Massage therapy services 53
  • High blood pressure takings 62
  • Glucose testing 48

15- Parte de delegación dental del Colegio de Cirujanos Dentitas

  1. Patsy Scott Chinchilla said:

    Thank you Lavae, for your collaboration and donation, it is for people like yourself that community events such as ‘Samara’s Healthfair’ can be offered at rural communities –, without volunteers, donors, and services providers donating their services, this type of service would be impossible to achieve. To your health!

    The Blue Zone Community Foundation

    • lavaeha said:

      Happy to be part of your efforts, Patsy.

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