Moto Crowd

motorcycle costa rica

You see this ALL THE TIME in Costa Rica.  4 persons on a moto.  Note the baby on her lap.
Even ten years ago, motorcycles were rare in this part of the country.  Now a family might have just one.  And if the baby has a doctor’s appointment, everyone goes.

  1. Do you ever hear of accidents and deaths due to this sort of transporting people?

  2. Dave said:

    Being an motorcycle enthusiasts myself and living in Costa Rica, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. 3 on a bike with no helmets around the worlds worst drives. This is the governments fault for making car ownership way over priced and unaffordable for the common people.. I see this all the time. People doing this should be arrested for child endangerment!

    • Dave said:

      Excuse me, 4 on a bike! Just nuts man!

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