Sunset Ride

horse riding samara costa ricaI recently rode horseback with some friends,

b- horse fin the hills above Puerto Carrillo.
horse riding samara costa rica
Luis has great horses, good tack,

horse riding samara costa ricaand access to a big ranch above the beach.

playa camaronal costa rica
This is Playa Camaronal, southeast of Casa Mango and Casa Papaya.

playa carrillo and playa samara costa rica
Here you see Bahia Carrillo in the foreground with Bahia Samara beyond.

horse riding samara costa rica
There’s a little viewpoint at the top where we stopped for a water break.

  1. Judith Gumpert said:

    Beautiful pictures! Where do we go to arrange a sunset ride?

    • lavaeha said:

      Luis in Carrillo can take you up in the hills above the village. Call him (Spanish only) at 2656-0168 or 8337-3642. Or Horse Jungle Audrey rides from Esterones at the other end of town 8650-1606 (English, Spanish, and French)

  2. Love the first and fourth pictures – just beautiful! What a wonderful life you two share. I’m so happy for you! Now, THAT is LIVING!

  3. louisedickson said:

    Looks beautiful & like alot of fun!

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