Samara Snook

After a 30 minute fight, Ken caught a beautiful 29 pound Snook from the beach in Playa Samara.  It was lucky that Jose passed by with his cell phone to film it and even luckier that Fomfy was on hand to “catch” the fish.  Ken has returned to his home in Canada but Fomfy is at Super/Licorera Las Olas in Samara evey day to help you find the right tackle and direct you to the best fishing spots. He can set you up with charters, as well.

  1. Ken said:

    Ken will be back March 10 2014 to catch the fishes brother or sister😎😎

    • lavaeha said:

      Good luck with that, Ken. Keep us posted on your success. I’ll get the barbecue going.

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