Congo line

congo costa ricaDo you ever get tired of looking at monkeys?

congo howler monkey

Their little faces look almost human.

howler monkey costa rica

Maybe without verbalizing it, most of our visitors have one goal.  To see a monkey.

If they succeed, they feel like they’ve been to Costa Rica.

costa rica monkey

We see them frequently around the houses here at Casa Mango and Casa Papaya.

costa rica congo

This time of year, the driest part of the dry season, they suck the juice out of the ripe fruits.

costa rica howler monkey

That gun-shot sound in the night is only an empty mango being dropped onto our neighbors’ tin roof.

howler monkey costa rica

One of the best places to see them is

walking down the road towards the beach, in the morning or late afternoon.

howler monkey

Although there are five species in Costa Rica,

we mostly see the Congos or Howler monkeys around here.

 howler moneky

After you’ve seen them a few times, they get easier to spot.

  1. lavaeha said:

    Not all night. But sometimes early in the mornings.

  2. Joseph said:

    Great monkey pics, Lavae! Do they do mischievous things to your house or property? Also, do the howlers keep you up all night?

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