Paddleboard with the dolphins

paddle boarding playa carrillo

Chillasana Yoga and Surf in Playa Carrillo now has paddle boards.

surfing playa samara

Also known as Stand Up Surfing, these long wide boards are more stable than a standard surfboard and I could see it as a great way to learn to surf.

best paddle boards

The paddle gets you out into open water fast.

paddle boards

Recently a class was surrounded by a pod of dolphins.

paddle boarding

Steve and I tried it recently and we found it great exercise for the body core – it’s all about balance.  We got the hang of it and zipped across Carrillo Bay to land on the beach for a gorgeous sunset and a cool beer.

best paddle boards

Paddle Boarding is available in both Playa Samara and Playa Carrillo.

sup boarding

Chillasana, is stationed in the center of the Carrillo Beach

paddle boards

and is operated by John and his wife, Kelly.


She teaches yoga on the beach and (she says) sometimes on paddle boards.  That, I want to see.

surfing costa rica

John and his guides teach regular surfing, as well.  With some expertise, you can rent both kinds of boards.

Have you tried paddle boarding?  How did you do?

  1. louise dickson said:

    Great Blog & pics Lavae!

    • lavaeha said:

      Thanks, Louise. Our ever-faithful reader. PS We didn’t take the photos; most came from Chillasana’s website.

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