Beach Carts

b- carts 1

Beach carts are a tradition in Costa Rica and high season is cart season.

b- carts 3

They sell cold drinks and snacks.

b- carts 4

My favorite are the freshly roasted marañon (cashew nuts) that come in a cellophane tube.

b- carts 5

But the most popular carts sell Copos – hand shaved ice, topped generously with colored sugar-water

a- carts 2

and garnished with a big glop of sweetened condensed milk.  Yucchh!  But the kids love them and I’m sure I probably did too.


This self-employed entrepreneur often brings his daughter to work.

  1. After reading your post and looking through the pics, I have an urge to return to CR! Looks like some great new things are popping up in Samara!

    • Come on down! Maybe on your way back from Europe you can loop through.

  2. lavaeha said:

    I think about 800 colones or $1.60. But I’m not sure cause they’re too sweet for me.

  3. Joseph said:

    What’s the average cost of a shaved ice or drink? Is it cheaper or about the same as in the States?

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