Samara Sport Festival

samara sport festival

There’s still time to register for second annual Samara Sport Festival.  Participants can choose one, two, or all three events of the Triathlon, with a range of difficulty in each.

a. Open water Swim..

b. Trail run along the beach and into the hills or walk the beach.

c.  Bicycle routes up to 22 km in the hills of Santo Domingo and across the Buena Vista river.

Events will be held over two weekends: 18 May and 1 June.  Read more in the Voice of Nosara or at Multireto’s website.

samara sport festival

  1. louise dickson said:

    Or at least look!

  2. louise dickson said:

    Could be a good place to meet hot guys. especially if they look the the guy coming out of the ocean! Just sayin…Lulu

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