1. kristi said:

    Tons of incredible shots, thnk you Lavae and thanks to your sis as well! So, was this white fronted Parrot what flew over Casa Mango every morning in August 2014 by the dozens, would you think?

    • lavaeha said:

      Probably. They’re back this week, eating almonds from the trees above the house. they stop for a snack every afternoon before bed-time.

  2. Mac said:

    Nice shot of a beautiful bird.
    By the way, that’s a white-fronted parrot, not White Fronted Parrot. The rules for capitalization of trivial (common) names of animals, fungi, and plants is simple: both the adjective(s) and the noun are lower case. Only capitalize words which are always capitalized: Arizona woodpecker; Dominican parrot, American black bear.

    The rules for the scientific names are equally simple: Both the genus (the first name) and the species (the second name) are italicized. Then, the genus name, and never the species name, is capitalized. In cursive writing or printing, underlining is considered the equivalent of italics.
    Notice also that the word “species” is both the singular and the plural. There is no “specie” in English, at least not as the singular of species.


    • lavaeha said:

      Thanks for your comments. Very educational. I’ll give it my best shot.

      • Mac said:

        El gusto es mio. Gracias para las fotos.

  3. louise dickson said:

    Beautiful bird & pic, Lavae!

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