Is it art or architecture?

playa samara beach

The other morning on our beach walk, we encountered this little structure.

beach architecture

At first, it looked comfortable enough and kind of clever.

driftwood architecture

But upon closer inspection we found the artist’s hand.

playa carrilloThey had collected some of the junk that rolls in daily on the tide displayed it in ordered groups.

costa rica beachNot the rainbow spectrum lighters.

beach costa rica

Hide tides yesterday and today there is no evidence of their efforts.

  1. gebgdcFiona said:

    WOw, where is this? while this is indeed an expression of someone making a statement about humans’ affect on the environment, it’s also commanding, aesthetically interesting, humorous, powerful stuff = art. thanks for sharing. I hope to be there soon to do my daily clean up again.

    • lavaeha said:

      It’ll be good to have you back. When are you arriving?

  2. lavaeha said:

    So true. We are constantly having beach clean-ups here in Samara because the garbage that floats in never stops. I was so happy to share the humor in this work.

  3. Joseph said:

    I like it. It’s art to me. Not a beautiful piece of art, but it’s an expression of someone making a statement about humans’ affect on the environment.

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