Spotted this week

bg tanager 2

I didn’t have my camera with me when I saw some Blue Grey Tanagers while horseback riding on Sunday.

bg tanager 1

So these are not my photos.  But they were identifiable by the brilliant Copen Blue across their wings and back.

bg tanager 3

The birds were foraging on bushes in the low land pasture about a kilometer from the beach.

  1. louise dickson said:

    These birds are very pretty. I used to raise finches & had some Cordon Blues that were similiar but brighter blue & the males had scarlett cheeks, really beautiful. A friend made a huge whiskey barrel into a cage that had for many years. When I was moving I had 3 male friends attempt to pick it up & put it in the moving truck & the rotted bottom fell out & they all flew away! They thought I would be horrified, instead I felt released from the responsibility for their continued care. We spread a large bag of seed all over the backyard & I wished them well. I’m totally down with the free birds!

    • lavaeha said:

      I hope they made it in Southern California. So beautiful to see them in the garden.

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