Horseback Riding in Samara

horseback costa rica

I’ve got friends in town this week, which is always a good excuse to do fun stuff I forget to do on my own.

horse jungle audrey

After snorkeling – sorry, no pictures – and seeing the Scarlet Macaws, we went horseback riding.

b- horse 7

We drove about 5 kliks west of Samara to Horse Jungle and Audrey.

horseback costa rica

Our gracious guide, Georgia, led us across the river and through forest trails.

b- horse 16

We trotted on the beach,

what to do in playa samara beach
before a break and a “copa” at a hostel along the river. No crocodiles today.

vista playa buena vista costa rica

At the vista view-point, we looked back at the beach where we had just been.

b- horse 12

This once stray cat, which has adopted the horses and their cowgirls, is not afraid of the hooves.

b- horse 10

There are several horse tours and guides in Samara.
Horse Jungle – 8650-1606
• Luis and Rolando on the beach near Tree House Inn – 2656-0353
• Luis in Carrillo – 8337-3642
• Or just stop by Samara Info Center or the Natural Center in Samara. They can arrange a horse tour for you.

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