Buzzing Samara

playa barrigones costa rica

I live in one of the prettiest landscapes imaginable, with thick deciduous forests.

hills above samara bay costa rica

Volcanic mountains that reach right down to the sea.

punta indio carrillo costa rica

Crystal blue waves crashing on rock formations.

carrillo bay

Secret beaches waiting to be discovered.

sea turtles in carrillo bay costa rica

Sea turtles in the bays.  .

playa carrillo costa rica

Schools of fish off shore from light sand beaches

ultralight tours costa rica

I got to see all of this from the air in a safe little two passenger machine. I felt only the thrill of flying, just like in my dreams, and none of the fear of heights I share with my siblings.

vacation houses for rent costa rica

The wind in my hair – yes, there was a helmet – as we banked in a full circle around my house.

rio buena vista costa rica

We followed the serpentine Rio Buenavista in search of those pesky Crocs and were rewarded with a sighting.

ultralight tours - gyrocopter rides costa rica

Ultralight Tours and Joergue Mueller, just outside Samara, will take you on a gyrocopter ride you won’t forget.

gyrocopter rides costa rica

My trip was a generous gift from my cousin and his wife, but you can get your own for $230-330 /hour, depending on how split it up with friends and family.  Joergue can also teach you to fly or sell you a gyrocopter of your own.


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