Poker Ride for Zaragoza


Outback Cuads orchestrated a Poker Ride today, raising money for school improvements at Zaragoza, a small pueblo in the high hills above Samara.


We picked up our “hand” of cards from wranglers along the way, while dodging a typical Saturday morning commute.


Mostly cows and calves today.


We came to the first river crossings soon after leaving the hiway, deeper and wider with the much appreciated rains of late – some estimate 10″ in the past 10 days.



Craig and Myla lead our pack.  Excellent driving, Craig.


We found waterfalls that weren’t there last week.



We picked up our third card at this “bridge”, which was built by the wranglers last night. The creek was only three feet wide, but 30 feet deep.  You could’ve jumped, Fred.


Much of the trail looked like this.



And this.


But sometimes it looked like this, with a view to Samara and Isla Chora. Our group just dodged the rain; others were not so lucky. In this area of tiny microclimates, timing is everything.




A much needed stop.



A sandwich for Steve.


Beers all around.


One more river to cross.



At the end, we were as tuckered out as these farm sentinels. Upon return to Outback, were enjoyed free beer and a delicious lunch prepared by the new chef. Rhonda had the winning hand with 3 Kings. She offered shots all around. Thanks, Brian, for a great day.





  1. louise dickson said:

    Love the view of the coast from Zaragoza. Our long time jardinero has a finca & lot’s of family there. He & his 10 year old son, Deanne & I did a 1/2 day horseback ride there the day before Christmas a few years back. It was wonderful, visiting his finca & stopping to visit with family & friends along the way. At his grandmothers house a group of 8 family members arrived after walking 6 hours uphill from Nosara to be able to spend Christmas day with her & other family members who live there. Pura Vida at it’s finest. That was a good thing you did for the school there & it looks like you had a lot of fun.

  2. Becky said:

    That explains why you weren’t at class today!

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