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Anyone who has been involved with a construction project in Costa Rica knows exactly what I’m talking about.  Ticos can fall asleep anywhere.

After lunch, every member of the crew lies down in whatever shade they can find – under a tree, under a truck, behind the cement mixer, on the new concrete slab – and falls immediately to sleep.  On the Pan-American Hiway, I once saw five guys surrounded by orange cones in the left lane while traffic whizzed by in the right.  Apparently, it’s a skill that is not limited to the noon siesta.  This fellow was waiting for Movistar Cellular to open the shop at nine in the morning.

What does it take for you to fall asleep?

Holy Week was inaugurated in Samara Wednesday afternoon with a four o-clock cannon-shot.  The Josefinos (residents of the Costa Rica capital of San Jose) will trickle in over the weekend, filling the vacation rentals, hotel rooms, and camping spots.  Local businesses are ready for the crowds, including Lucy who sells agua de pipa on Carrillo Beach.  She'll have them cold and ready to serve with a straw.  Delicious and good for what ails you.

motorcycle costa rica

You see this ALL THE TIME in Costa Rica.  4 persons on a moto.  Note the baby on her lap.
Even ten years ago, motorcycles were rare in this part of the country.  Now a family might have just one.  And if the baby has a doctor’s appointment, everyone goes.

samara health fair

“To your health” is the motto of FCZA (Fundacion Comunitaria Zona Azul) which has just completed the second annual and highly successful Samara Health Fair at the Samara Natural Center.  The fair brought together a multitude of volunteers and donations to offer free medical care to the community.

18- Dermatologo consultando

Doctors and nurses gave their time and skills, local people cooked and served breakfast and lunch. Fund raising dinners in advance provided start-up cash.

Casa Papaya was just one of many local hotels and vacation rentals that provided accommodation to visiting medical personnel who provide services free of charge.

community health services
The results of the two-day event are felt throughout the community in terms of screening and treatment.

  • Dental services 168
  • Pap smear testing 29
  • Dermatology services 50
  • Chiropractic services 25
  • Physiotherapy services 51
  • Massage therapy services 53
  • High blood pressure takings 62
  • Glucose testing 48

15- Parte de delegación dental del Colegio de Cirujanos Dentitas

On the roads in Costa Rica, you never know what you'll run into,

sometimes too literally.

art in costa rica

This artist on a Thursday morning presented an entertaining addition to the wide assortment of obstructions usually encountered in El Torito, the village between Casa Mango and Casa Papaya and the beach at Playa Carrillo.  One truck driver told me you have to watch for chickens, dogs, and grandmothers there.  I hope this gentleman survived the day - his painting looked very nice.

If you’ve stayed at Casa Mango & Casa Papaya before, you’d recognize Palucho.  You probably had to dodge him and his bicycle, at the foot of the hill where our little road meets the beach “hiway”, as he started out on his morning ride.  Pablo Sanchez Rodriguez makes that ride EVERY DAY.

samara athlete wins triathlon playa samarabeachWell, all that training is paying off in big wins.  Most recently, he carried his division of the Triathlon event in Samara, which was held last weekend.  Read all about him and the event in the Voice of Nosara.

Last Saturday evening, we were invited by the local folk dance troupe, Ceiba de Estrada, to enjoy a cultural presentation of history, food, and dance of Costa Rica.