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birdwatching costa rica

Look who visited Aqua-yoga class today – a Bare-throated Tiger -Heron.  Although this is not my photo, the bird looked just like this, topping out at 30 inches.  They’re common on both coasts of Costa Rica.  Today’s sighing was just 10 kilometers from Casa Mango and Casa Papaya.

samara info center

For every question, there is an answer.  And Chris and Brenda at SamaraInfo Center have them all.

Whether you’re looking for a boat tour of the Tempisque River, to share a ride to Mal Pais, or for a cheap cell phone to use while you’re in town, SamaraInfo Center can hook you up. Their online Events Calendar lists the latest in bar happy hours and yoga classes.  The classified’s page can help you find a bar with a soccer match on TV or a nanny to mind the tots while you surf.

You’ll find Chris and Brenda manning their posts daily across the street from the Giada Hotel and Pizza A Go Go.  Office: + (506) 2656 2424.

What do you need to make your vacation dreams come true in Playa Samara?

After a 30 minute fight, Ken caught a beautiful 29 pound Snook from the beach in Playa Samara.  It was lucky that Jose passed by with his cell phone to film it and even luckier that Fomfy was on hand to “catch” the fish.  Ken has returned to his home in Canada but Fomfy is at Super/Licorera Las Olas in Samara evey day to help you find the right tackle and direct you to the best fishing spots. He can set you up with charters, as well.