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I recently heard a statistic, that the average Tico (Costa Rican) driver has had a license for less than 2 years.

driving safety in costa rica

That, in itself, explains to me why they drive like teenagers. They haven’t personally experienced an accident yet. But they will and the experience may make them more cautious.

In his post, A Dull Roar – Moving to, Retiring in, Living in Costa Rica – gives us his take on driving here.

A Dull Roar – Moving to, Retiring in, Living with Costa Rica: Why Costa Rican Drivers Are So Awful.

River crossings in Costa Rica are ubiquitous and seasonal.  You’ve read in your guide-book that there aren’t always bridges.  In the dry season (Dec. through April), a river crossing can be uneventful.  But in the rainy season (May through Nov.), crossing the same river may vary from a pleasant adventure to a life-threatening error.  Check with locals. Read More