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Foundation of a neighbor’s house is undermined by a landslide.

5 Sept 2012, evening

Wow!  If that wasn’t THE big one, I think I’ll pass.  It was terrifying.  Both up and down movement and north and south and for an eternity.  (My geologist neighbor with stopwatch tells me it lasted only 43 seconds.) Read More

seismic activity costa ricaYesterday, I found a great website, thanks to “YO-YO” in Paradise .  Universidad de Costa Rica, Laboratorio de Ingeniería Sísmica shows a map of recent seismic activity in Costa Rica.  We had a temblor today.  We had one yesterday.  And we had three each on the two days prior.  All were less than 5.0 magnitude.  I like little temblors, easing the plate tension that might instead cause a big earthquake.

Not that I’m scared.  I come from Seattle, where I lived in the shadow of Mt. Rainier volcano, sitting on the Hood Canal fault, the Seattle fault, the Southern Whidbey Island fault , the Saddle Mountain faults, and the Tacoma fault.  I mean, where you gonna go?

But it’s interesting, huh?