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insects costa rica

So, I thought this bug was very attractive when it showed up on my door screen the other day.

It’s about the 3″ across.  A moth?  Reminds me of a pair of oak tree helicopters.

wildlife costa rica

I was so surprised to find the next day that it had changed into these beautiful velvety colors.

costa rica insects

And by the third day, I can only surmise that it’s a very short life cycle.


beach memorial samara costa rica

We Samarenos gathered on the beach Sat. afternoon to say goodbye to our good friend Joe Potrebenko, who was killed last week in his home in Panama.

samara costa rica

We wrote our messages of love and grief for Joe on paper boats.  We sent our courage and strength to his wife, Betsy, and her mother Lorraine.

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Don't you just love fresh mango?  Super food!  I can taste the vitamins and minerals.  I am filling my freezer with delicious ripe mangos from the tree outside the school at Santo Domingo. We'll have smoothies all year.  I made some ice cream fo my english students - I suspect they'd rather have chocolate, but for me there's nothing better than Mango.  Might even be better than Washington peaches and Oregon raspberries.

Since leaving our day jobs, Steve and I both feel a bit extraneous. We’re no longer movers and shakers. We’re barely relevant. Nobody cares what we think. Our votes don’t matter. But occasionally we’re useful. Today I provided a safe harbor, shelter from the storm.

This afternoon, 85 year old Blanche, who had stayed in Casa Papaya several weeks earlier, showed up at my gate. She was delivered by a Tico family that had collected her wandering soul from the beach. They were really the nicest people. They had a baby. Blanche had been on the beach where her daughter had left her, installed on a lounge chair in the shade. Shirley went off to do some internet work. Blanche went to cool her feet off in the ocean.

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If you walk west on Samara Beach –  it’s only accessible from the beach – just 100 meters from the police station you will discover one of our favorite places for beach dining. Tabanuco‘s raised floor provides one of the best views of surfers in the afternoon.  You can survey the entire bay, from Isla Chora to Punta Samara, with a frosty cocktail …

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