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photo by Voz de Nosara

Last week a third dolphin in two months was discovered stranded in shallow Costa Rican waters.  It died in  the night and experts think it is the victim of a nerve disorder called Neurobrucellosis, although tests will be done to confirm.

See the full article in the Voz de Nosara.

What to do when you find a stranded dolphin?

  1. Call the Universidad Nacional en Heredia directly or dial 911.  The university has a team of biologists and veterinarians to respond and to  investigate strandings of large marine mammals.
  2. Attempt to re-float the animal in sea water,using a sling, like a beach towel, to move it.
    But do this only once.  If the animal returns to shallow water or the beach, don’t touch it again.

The new Cima Hopsital and Medical Center,  going up near the Liberia International Airport  just behind the Do It Center hardware store, will be a great facility for tourists and residents alike.  The hospital will have emergency 24/7, operating room, minor surgery, imaging, laboratory, and blood bank.  Next door is a medical office building with 40 suites and a food court. Read More

The haunting sound of drums in the dark tropical night.

Are the natives restless?

No.  It’s the high school drum corps practicing for the upcoming Independence Day parade.  Since, the elementary school has the drums during the day, the high school practices in the evening.  September is patriotic month in Costa Rica, with Independence from Spain celebrated on the 15th, the 190th anniversary.  You’ll see flags are for sale at intersections and businesses dressed up in red, white, and blue.  In school yards, kids are practicing traditional dancing in their colorful costumes. Read More