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tango dance

Tango is not traditional in Costa Rica, except at our local Argentine restaurant: El Colibri.

visit costa rica

Last night a full house was treated to performance of this sensuous and romantic dance,

el colibri

while we dined on seared Tuna and Bife de Chorizo grilled over a wood fire.

what to do in costa rica

A sparkling evening in an otherwise quiet little town.

playa samara beach

The other morning on our beach walk, we encountered this little structure.

beach architecture

At first, it looked comfortable enough and kind of clever.

driftwood architecture

But upon closer inspection we found the artist’s hand.

playa carrilloThey had collected some of the junk that rolls in daily on the tide displayed it in ordered groups.

costa rica beachNot the rainbow spectrum lighters.

beach costa rica

Hide tides yesterday and today there is no evidence of their efforts.

the ticos

Anyone who has been involved with a construction project in Costa Rica knows exactly what I’m talking about.  Ticos can fall asleep anywhere.

After lunch, every member of the crew lies down in whatever shade they can find – under a tree, under a truck, behind the cement mixer, on the new concrete slab – and falls immediately to sleep.  On the Pan-American Hiway, I once saw five guys surrounded by orange cones in the left lane while traffic whizzed by in the right.  Apparently, it’s a skill that is not limited to the noon siesta.  This fellow was waiting for Movistar Cellular to open the shop at nine in the morning.

What does it take for you to fall asleep?

crime in samara costa ricaThe proliferation of steel bars on windows and doors in Costa Rica begs two questions: “Is it safe?” and “Is there crime?”  Living here for 6 years, we believe the answer to both questions is “Yes, it’s normal.”  The problem comes when tourists are careless and inattentive.  I would not leave my back pack and camera lying on a beach in Seattle, nor would I do it here.  I wouldn’t leave the car windows down at the grocery store in Cincinnati, with my purse tucked under the front seat.  And I wouldn’t walk back from dinner alone along the dark waterfront in Galveston.  It’s normal. Read More

spay neuter clinic samara beach costa ricaThanks to another successful spay/neuter clinic, this time in the neighboring pueblito  of Torito, 27 dogs and cats were sterilized, preventing births of unwanted pets and stray animals.  Many animals also recieved health check-ups, vaccinations and treatment for parasites.  Many thanks to Veterinarians Christian and Enrique from ANPA, Carolina of CASATUR for organizing the clinic, and to all the volunteers including Myla, Craig, Connie, Cheryl, Cat, Berit and Laura who helped with recuperation and transportation.  Clinics are held in and around Samara about every 3 months.  If you want to volunteer or contribute funds to sponsor those who can’t afford this service so valuable to the entire community contact 8349-7418 (English) or 8952-9232 (espanol).

visit playa samara beach costa ricaGrocery shopping in Costa Rica doesn’t look like it does at home, especially if you live in the US or Canada, where supermarkets take up a block of real estate and are appointed with expensive delis and 22 year old wine stewards. Supermarkets in Costa Rica are smaller with fewer products and more utilitarian lighting.  They’ll feel foreign at first.  But, isn’t that part of the fun of travel?  To help you find what you need for survival and sustenance, here’s a primer of shops in and around Samara.  All are locally owned as for as I know, except as noted. Read More

Isamara infocentert is totally HAPPENING in Samara.  The Samara Infocenter keeps Samarenos and visitors appraised of what’s going on around town and on the beach  Check out their calendar of events

For instance, there are five yoga classes scheduled for Wednesday.  There’s a spay/neuter clinic in Torito on Tuesday.  You can choose between an AA meeting on Monday or Happy Hour at Gusto Beach on Thursday.  And Friday brings us the Organic Farmers’ Market at the Natural Center.  Rest up for Saturday’s big Anniversary Party at Tabanuco on the beach.  There’s romance scheduled for Sunday at Diria Restaurant.  But can real romance be scheduled?  Come to Samara to find out. . . . .sunset photo playa smara beach costa rica

where to eat in samara costa ricaIn Costa Rica, a “soda” is a small street-side café, usually with an open counter and stools.  They serve a small range of fresh food for a very fair price.  Casados are popular – see my post ”6 things to eat in Costa Rica?” –  but usually there are gallos and empanadas, too. A “refresco del dia”  is made with fruit or rice and water, while a “batido” is a fruit smoothy.  Eating at a soda is quick and inexpensive, so you might have to fight the lunch crowd for a stool.  Off-hours it’s a great place for a cool refreshment while catching up on the cook’s favorite soap opera.

Our favorite Samara soda is La Perla is Cangrejal, just a block off the northwest end ofthe beach. try her fried chicken.restaurants costa rica