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Summer is over here in Costa Rica – usually December through April – and it’s cooled off. Back in November, we saw for the first time an abundance of inexpensive table fans for sale and we all bought them. Expecting a summer hotter and drier than usual, which proved to be true, we out one in every room. Now the season has ended and those cheap fans are dotting the garbage piles in town to be picked up by the trucks Wed. morning and carried off to the land fill. Our own are still working fine but this climate is tough on equipment: humidity and salt air. It begs two questions, “Is cheaper better?” and “Do we have a choice anymore?”

leatherback turtles costa rica

We spotted these turtle tracks on Carrillo Beach yesterday morning.

leatherback turtles costa rica

The wide spacing between the fins suggests a very large nesting female,

probably a rare and endangered Leatherback Turtle rather than our more common Olive Ridley.  Comments?

turtle hatch playa carrillo

At Playa Carrillo this morning, we came across small turtle tracks, the evidence of hatchlings scrambling towards the surf.

olive ridley turtles playa carrillo costa rica

It looks like at least 25 of them foiled the poachers, the dogs, and the vultures to reach the sea.

Steve and Miga found these turtle tracks on the beach this morning.  The Olive Ridely Turtles climb the beach  in the moonlight looking for just the right sand in which to lay their eggs.  They dig a hole, using their flippers as delicately as teaspoons and  drop 100-120 eggs into a hole about 6-8″ diameter and 3 feet deep.  The sex of the baby turtle is determined by the temperature of ths sand around the egg, usually caused by its location in thenest.  But increasingly, global warming is affecting the tempertuer of the sand and hence the sex of the hatchilings.  That can’ t be good for the species.