1. Judy said:

    Steve, I’m watching a program on public television as I write this. Their recipe:
    1cup hydrogen peroxide
    1/4 cup baking soda
    1 tsp detergent

    Scrub with this mixture & rinse. Best of Luck! Judy

  2. Angela Grizzle said:

    Poor Miga! Did the ketchup work?

  3. Thanks for all the great advice about de-skunking a dog. She’s smelling much better after a simple shampoo with flea soap. I’m not sure she caught a direct hit. Ithink burning the bed was key to her freshness quotient.

  4. Steve said:

    As co-master of Miga I went to the store yesterday to get tomato juice – the cure you hear about often. Ooops – in Costa Rica they don’t have tomato juice so I bought the next closest thing. Today Miga will feel like a true hot dog as we slop on a gallon of ketchup. We’ll let you know if it worked.

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