Horsejungle Audrey

costa rica horse

I did another lovely horseback tour yesterday.

horses costa rica

It’s such a great way to get into the outback nature and forest habitat without much effort.

Horsejungle Audrey

This time I went with Horsejungle Audrey, who is French.

Playboy gets a bath

She has about 15 well cared for horses and nice tack, about 5 kilometers west of Samara.


We walked along the road to the crossing at Rio Buena Vista,

River crossing

did a loop into the hills above Esterones,

horse on buena vista beach

and (some of us) galloped on Buena Vista Beach

Crossing the Buena Vista

before returning via a different river crossing.

howler moneky

We saw a family of Howler Monkeys (Congos),

violaceous trogon several bird species (Trogon, Mot Mot, Inca Dove) and numerous iguanas and garrobos.

horsejungle audrey

Wild orchids, native ginger and maranon (cashew) lined the route. The charge is fifty dollars for 2 ½ hour tour. 8650-1606.

what to do in costa rica

We stretched our tour out a bit with a stop for wine and Pipa (green coconut milk).

b- horse 9

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday in the tropics.

horses costa rica

I’m not an accomplished rider and can’t control a horse and a camera at the same time.  When I got home and I realized I had no fotos of mounted horses,

so I’ve borrowed some from previous rides.

horse riding samara costa rica

There are a number of horse tours in and around Samara, each with its own special route and scenery.  Just one of the things to do while staying at Casa Mango and Casa Papaya.

  1. lavaeha said:

    Thanks, Joseph. However, I didn’t take most of these fotos. Since I can’t handle a horse and a camera at the same time, I had to borrow pictures from Horsejungle Audrey.

  2. Joseph said:

    This is fantastic, Sandy! I can’t wait to show my daughter, Maya. She’s learning to ride horses. The cost is about the same here in Texas. I love the great photos you took. Wonderful post!

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