Playa Samara to Playa Buena Vista

nature costa rica

We’ve had some very low tides lately on the Pacific coast, in Samara.

activities costa rica

Steve and I took advantage of one of them to walk around Punta Samara, from Playa Samara to Playa Buena Vista.

beach costa rica

Took us just two hours.

what to do in samara costa rica

We left the car at the Iguana Verde grocery and lichor store – that was handy for a cold bebida when we returned – but you could easily walk along the beach from Samara Centro.

hiking costa rica

There are some hidden sandy beaches along the way.

hiking samara costa rica

and lots of interesting rock formations.

what to do in costa rica

A shady palapa had been built just for us.

activities samara costa rica

It was hotter than it looks with the cloud cover but we had remembered to bring water for ourselves and the pup.


nature costa rica

This stairway is about half way along and leads to the road.  Would make a good escape route if the tide had begun to surprise us.

geology costa rica

Instead, we continued on .

beach activities costa rica

We met some neighbors scavenging for rock dwelling critters.

hiking costa rica

A little waterfall would’ve been gushing last night.


b- beach 16

Rocks and sand.

what to do in samara costa rica

There’s never a geologist around when you need one?

nature costa rica

When we rounded the final point, the rain swollen Rio Buena Vista didn’t look crossable, even at low tide,

activities samara costa rica

but these guys braved it.  On to Playa Buena Vista for surf and sun.  Or caring for turtle nests at the nursery about 1/2 klick down.

activities costa rica

Instead, we headed back along the dirt road,

activities samara beach costa rica

until we met up with highway 160, also dirt, and back to the car.




  1. kristi said:

    oh Lavae, so lovely to see your pics, some of our fave places, imagine what a wonderful low tide walk this must have been, and see lil Miga again! She looks so much bigger in the daylight! Miss Tico Mango y Samara!

  2. Winnie said:

    Nice hike and gorgeous pics!

  3. Becky said:

    Nice hike… did you find any agate?

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