Beach Rider

horses wranglers horseback riding costa ricaThere are lots of horses in and around Samara.  You’ll see them grazing alongside the road or
walking into town along the beach.  They pretty much roam free.  If you see them inside a fenced pasture, they probably broke in.  At night, stay alert cause they may be standing in the middle of the road.

There are several wranglers in the area that will take you for a
beach ride or up to the waterfalls in Santo Domingo.  You can call Luis 2656-0168, Rolando 2656-0353 or Choco for a 2-3 hour tour.

  1. Becky said:

    Me too. Good info.

  2. louisedickson said:

    Nice little article & very helpful. I have family coming in Dec. & Jan. that will most likely want to go for a ride. Nice to have a couple of options! Thank’s Lavae, you’re the best!

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